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Consignment Policies

The Every Closet 


Thanks for considering us for your consignment needs! 😊

Below you’ll find our consignment policies. These are the same policies we will ask you to review and sign before we can consign your items for you. If you are considering consigning with us and you have any questions, please send us an email at

We look forward to working with you!

About our business:

  1. We resell items – mainly clothing, shoes and accessories – online using various platforms including Poshmark, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace. We sell to both the USA and Canada. We are also constantly building our social media following which occasionally allows us to make direct sales to people who follow us on Instagram and YouTube. We may utilize any of these platforms to help us sell your items. Which platform(s) we will use for any given item depends on where we think that item has the best chance of selling.

Items we accept:

  1. We accept luxury clothing, shoes, jewellery and accessories. We also accept non-luxury designer items as well as home goods and décor on an item-by-item basis. If you’re not sure if we’ll take it, ask and we’ll let you know! 
  1. While items that we accept do not need to be in excellent condition, we may return items to you if there are flaws present which we believe will make the item(s) difficult to sell. We do two passes over the items we are given to search for flaws. We do the first pass when we catalogue your items in a spreadsheet, and we do the second pass when we photograph your items prior to listing them for sale online. At both stages, we will notify you by email if we discover any issues that will prevent us from selling certain items. 
  1. Below is a list of clothing brands that we DO NOT accept for consignment. However, we will gladly make exceptions for a small number of items from these brands if you are also giving us several other items to consign.

    • GAP, Kirkland, Old Navy, Forever 21, George, Joe Fresh, Uniqlo, H & M, Shein, Puma, La vie en rose, Garage, Le Chateau, Hanes, Warehouse One, Bluenotes, Reitmans, RW & Co., Hyba, Fabletics, Ardene, JustFab, Bootlegger, Kismet, Xhileration, Streetwear Society, Urban Behaviour, SmartSet, Seductions, Jacob, Ricki’s, Fashionova, Boohoo, Van Heusen, Suzy Shier, Laura, Cleo, Avia, Danskin, Gloria Vanderbilt, LuLaRoe, Zaful, Retrofit, Revamped, Claires, Jack and Jones, Mountain Warehouse, Sirens, Mango, New Look, Missguided, Massimo Dutti, Keds, Express, Aeropostale, IZOD, Fruit of the Loom, DC, Faded Glory, Croft & Barrow, Nautica, Chaps, Claiborne, Arrow, Merona and other similar brands.  
  1. We generally do not accept children’s clothing/toys for consignment unless it is a luxury item (e.g. Burberry, Canada Goose, etc.). If you have children’s items that you think we may want to consign, let us know! 
  1. WE DO NOT ACCEPT COUNTERFEIT OR INAUTHENTIC ITEMS. We only accept authentic items. If we incur costs to accept a return of your counterfeit or inauthentic items, those costs will be deducted from any other amounts we would owe you for the sale of other items.

How much will we pay you?

  1. We’ll pay you 45% of the profit (in Canadian dollars) that we receive for selling your item after your item sells. This means you receive 45% of the earnings after deducting selling fees. The fees we deduct include sales tax that we incur when selling your items as well as any fees that are charged by the platform we use to sell your item(s).
  1. We may need to pay for third-party authentication of certain luxury items in order to sell them. If we pay to authenticate an item that you give us (usually for between $20 and $40), this amount will also be deducted from the profit before we divide it. We usually use for luxury authentication, but this is subject to change at our discretion. 
  1. Example 1: We sell your used Christian Louboutin shoes on Poshmark USA for $500 USD. Poshmark’s fee is 20%, the USD to CAD exchange rate is 1.25 CAD per USD at the time we receive the revenue for the sale, and our US bank charges us $2 USD in fees to convert the currency from USD to CAD, and to send the remainder to our Canadian bank.

    Once the buyer receives their item, we receive $400 USD from Poshmark (80% of the $500 USD sale price). We subtract the bank fees totalling $2 USD and we convert the remaining $398 USD to $497.50 Canadian dollars ($398 x 1.25). This means you receive 45% of $497.50 Canadian dollars, so you receive $223.88 Canadian dollars.
  1. Example 2: We sell your Lululemon leggings on for $50 USD. eBay deducts their 10% fee PLUS an additional 5-10% for a promoted listing fee. For this example, assume the promoted listing fee is 7% so eBay’s total fee is 17%. Unlike Poshmark, eBay automatically converts our payouts to Canadian dollars, so assume the USD to CAD exchange rate is 1.25 CAD per USD at the time eBay sends us the payout from the sale.

    This means you receive 45% of the $51.88 Canadian-dollar profit ($50 USD – 17% eBay fees = $41.50 USD; $41.50 USD x 1.25 = $51.88 Canadian dollars). Therefore, you would receive $23.34 Canadian dollars.

When will we pay you?

  1. It is our strong preference to pay you via e-transfer. When we agree to consign your items, kindly provide us with your email address. We will use that email address to communicate with you and to send you e-transfers.

  2. When your items sell, we will record it in our spreadsheet for you. We will then send you occasional e-transfers. If you’re consigning numerous items with us, we’ll e-transfer you once several of your items have sold, or on request. If you’re just consigning one or two items with us, we’ll send you an e-transfer when an item sells.

How much will we charge buyers for your items?

  1. We price the items that we sell on the higher end of what we think is reasonable, and then we lower the price over time. What we consider to be reasonable for each item depends on factors including the item’s condition, any apparent flaws, the price that similar items have sold for in the past, the price that similar items are listed at currently (on whichever platform we are using to sell the item), how many similar items are currently for sale, and our experience selling similar items in the past.

  2. Please note: if you are giving us any items that you expect a certain minimum amount for, you MUST communicate that to us when you give us your items. At any point in our listing and selling process, we may conclude that we will not be able to sell the item in question for the minimum amount you requested – based on our research of what similar items are selling for. If at any time we decide that we will not be able to meet the minimum price that you set for a particular item, we will let you know by email. You must then either: 1) lower the minimum price that we can accept for that item, or 2) accept our return of that item to you.

  3. We will try to get the most that we think we can for your items. However, if a buyer sends us a somewhat low offer that is still reasonable, we will accept that reasonable offer unless you’ve instructed us to only accept a higher minimum amount for that item.
  1. It is our goal to sell your items within 3-6 months. The longer we have an item, the lower the price we will accept for that item. If we still have your item(s) after 6 months, we may drop the price considerably.

How long will your items take to sell?

  1. This depends entirely on the item! As noted above, we will list your items on the higher side of what we believe they could sell for. We will then lower the prices and relist the items over time. 
  1. Generally, the more expensive an item is, the longer it will take for us to sell. There are exceptions to this of course, but we generally expect that luxury goods will take between 3 and 12 months to sell. For this reason, we lower the price of high-end luxury goods more slowly than other designer items. 
  1. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that any particular item will sell. To give your items the best chance of selling, we ask that you provide us with any accessories that came with your items when you purchased them (e.g. dust bags, extra buttons/straps, certificate of authenticity, original boxes, etc.), as well as receipts if you happen to still have them. This is particularly helpful for high-end luxury items, as our ability to provide these accessories helps us assure buyers that the item is authentic.

What if your items don’t sell? 

  1. We may contact you from time-to-time to arrange for the return of items that we are unable to sell. If you do not wish for the items to be returned, or you do not respond to our requests to return your items to you after 45 days, we may donate your items to a local non-profit thrift store.

How long does it take us to list items once you give them to us?

  1. The length of time largely depends on how much inventory we are currently working through. In general, you can expect us to start listing your item(s) within 1-4 weeks of receiving them. However, this number moves both up and down. For our current time estimate, please feel free to send us an email 😊.

Thanks again for considering us to consign your items. We appreciate your business and trust! If you ever have any questions about consigning with us, the status of your items, or you just want to say hi, please send us an email.

Ethan + Steph
Co-Founders of The Every Closet Resellers Ltd. 

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